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Gujarat Under Gujarat Act No.: 20 of -2 00:7)
Ref No: GTU/ Exam Form/BE1/114 q— Date: 06-03-2021

Get GTU exam form, Latest update:- Extension in Date for Filling the Exam Forms of Winter-2020 Examination
Bachelor of -Engineering SEM 1 (Nevi 2020 enrolled students Re Yular
Ref: GTU/Exam form/BE1/1140, dated: 01-03-2021

With reference to above circular, schedule for filling the exam forms of Bachelor of Engineering Sem-1 Winter 2020 examination was declared. Dates for filling exam form is extended as per Table-A.

To make examination system more reliable, transparent, accountable and to promote the digitalization in the system, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has taken a step forward through online exam form filling with student’s login id and pay their exam fees through digital gateway. All the institutes and students are informed to refer below mentioned instructions and manuals/guidelines provided.

gtu exam form

gtu exam form

Instruction for Students:

For filling the exam form and payment student has to login at below mentioned link: https://gtu.iweb.on I i ne/Acco u nt/LoRi nM VC

  • 1. Kindly refer Manual of Exam forms and fees for students (Annexu re – 1)
  • 2. Student has to strictly follow the exam form filling schedule as mentioned in Table-A. Exam forms will not be accepted after the schedule mentioned in Table-A gets over.
  • 3. Once penalty phase is started, student has to pay fees along with penalty then only his exam form will be accepted.
  • 4. If the last date to fill the exam form and to pay the exam fee is over, automatically the Pay Online button will get disabled and student will not be able to pay fees.
  • 5. For any query regarding exam form contact your parent institute only. Students/Guardian arc instructed not to contact University in this regard.
  • 6. If student finds any mismatch in name, enrolment no, subject code, subject name and other details, they have to immediately contact their parent institute.
  • 7. In case of payment failure at first attempt, student shall try after 45 minutes.

Instruction for Institutes:

  • 1. Institutes must inform students to fill exam form and pay exam fees through login at https://gtu.iweb.onlinciAccount/LoginIVIVC
  • 2. If student is semester detained by Institute then he/she can’t fill exam form and can’t pay the fees.
  • 3. If student is subject(s) detained by Institute then he/she can’t pay exam fees for those particular subject(s).
  • 4. For any query of students regarding exam form, Institute have to inform to the University and inform Students/Guardian not to contact University directly in this regard.

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