GTU Internal Marks

Entry of MID (M), Internal (I) and Viva (v) components for Remedial /Special Term Extension students has to be done only if they are having backlog in said components. Institutes are informed to submit MID (M), Internal (I) & Viva (V) marks through below mentioned link: Link: Link for Viewing Mid (M) and Internal (I) Marks for students: Link: It is mandatory to fill the marks for M $ and V Component as mentioaed in Table – A.

gtu internal marks

gtu internal marks

If examination of I # & V# Components as mentioned in above Table – A is already conducted by Institutes then the marks obtained by the students will be submitted by Insti utes into the mark entry portal. If examination of I# & Wi Components are not conducted at Institute lex !I then Merit based Progression wil be implemented. So for such students, Institute will have to enter ‘MP’ into the marks entry portal.

Gtu Internal Marks Updates and alerts

It is mandatory to fill the marks for V* Components [External Practic I/Viva Component] as mentioned in above Table A. Examination of V* Component will be conducted by institute’s endorsed faculty. Remuneration will be paid only to Internal Examiner for conducting ex unination of V* Component only as per GTU norms. Further institute has to submit the hardcopy of V Component Mark sheet in sealed envelope to Diploma section and remuneration bill covers/files shotrd be directly submitted to Account section of the University.
Students should not be called at Institute for evaluation of any of the component. Use of various online tools should be carried out by the faculties/insti utes for the same.
Kindly note that entry of marks should be completed in above mentioned duration. For any query regarding entering and locking the marks, E-mail can be send to and

Also Check Gtu Internal Mark update from here

All the BE, BArch, PDDC, HMCT, BID, BPlan and B.Voc institutes are hereby informed to follow the below schedule strictly to enter, lock & update MID, Internal (CEP) and Viva marks for BE Sem-5 to 8 (Regular and Remedial),BArch Sem-5 to 10 (Except for Arch Design/Architecture Design studio subject), BHMCT Sem-5 to 8 (Regular and Remedial), PDDC Sem-5 to 8 (Regular and Remedial), BID Sem-5 (Regular and Remedial), BPlan Sem-5 to 8 (Regular and Remedial) and B.Voc Sem-5 (Regular and Remedial) Winter 2020 Examination.



BE Sem-5 to 8 (Reg & Rem)





BHMCT Sem-5 to 8 (Reg & Rem)


PDDC Sem-5 to 8 (Reg & Rem)

BArch Sem-5 to 10 (Reg & Rem) 11-01-2021

(Except for Arch Design/ Architecture Design

studio subject)


BID Sem-5 (Reg & Rem)


BPlan Sem-5 to 8 (Reg & Rem)


B.Voc Sem-5 (Reg & Rem)



  1. Enter your enrollment number, and re-validate it
  2. Enter Captcha Code. ( Please Recheck while entering capcha
  3. In case marks are not displayed, kindly go to the official website of GTU Internal marks following that link to the you can view your mid sem internal marks And you can also get it here simply entering your Enrollment No.

What is passing marks in GTU?

The GTU has raised its passing mark from 35% to 40%, which means students will have to score 28 instead of 23 marks in a 70-mark paper. GTU officials said the higher passing percentage was cleared by the varsity’s academic council. The decision will now be sent to the board of governors for ratification.

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